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The Adio Sequence is an American Pop/Rock band from Portland, Oregon. Upon their inception the band quickly became noticed for their catchy hooks, soaring vocals, and high energy performances. The band has headlined events at Portland hot spots like the Doug Fir Lounge, Dantes, Hawthorne Theater and opened for national acts such as We The Kings,The Early November, Authority Zero, Smile Empty Soul, The Exies and Rehab.


Musically, The Adio Sequence is rooted in Rock with an emphasis on groove, melody, feel and energy. Their hybrid sound ranges further with elements of Pop and R&B, Soul and Funk all the way back to hard hitting Alternative. Influences like Incubus, Panic at the Disco, Maroon 5, Mutemath and more have given them a familiar yet original take on the genres they incorporate. 

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"Local funk-infused pop and rock"

Things To Do - Portland Mercury


“The Goodbye Sequence is the right name for this band if you translate the Greece word Adio to English, their self titled 2007 EP was good but the new full length album feels more like a complete record. There´s more hard work behind this album, the band sounds hungrier and the songs are well crafted. You can call their alternative metal anything you want but you can never blame them for being boring, you can always discover new things in the songs and the production is crispy and professional.”

Kaj Roth - Melodic Net

“The Adio Sequence take it up a notch with a fiery pop rock attitude.”

Marissa Abruzzini - Tour Worthy

“The Adio Sequence celebrated their new EP, Electric Body with a rocking EP release party at the Analog Cafe and Theater in Portland. The band's sound is strong in rock with layers of funk and pop thrown in. The band really blends together a mix of styles and takes that music to a higher level in the live setting. Their shows are high energy and make for a great time. Check them out at and give their new EP a shot.”

Brent Angelo - Oregon Music News

“After much anticipation and 6 months of extremely hard work, The Adio Sequence launched into their set with the title track "Electric Body". Lead singer Travis Williams immediately took command of the stage and we were along for the ride... Before the band played "Lucky", a new track from the EP, Travis said to the crowd, "This song is about moments like these". It was evident that the band was having a great time on stage and truly embraced the meaning of the track...The band played a high-energy, fun, and engaging set that blew us away!”

Luke Neill - Sounds of PDX

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